Today’s architecture, engineering, construction, facility operation and management industry lacks automated project data collection, communication and distribution of important information. Key values that are essential among the project stakeholders to deliver successful projects are often not readily and reliably available. For example, planning work environments adequately, tracking the vital status of project site resources (e.g., people, equipment, material) in real-time, understanding the relationship in a highly dynamic and changing work environment, and monitoring, analyzing, and visualizing site activities and conditions of progress, are a few of the issues that become increasingly important to base decision making on a solid information content. Our goal is simple: Through innovative and rigorous research in Lean and Injury-Free work Environments in the project lifecycle (LIFEcycle) we will transform the productivity, safety and health performances in the construction industry. Furthermore, we establish new methods in education and training, e.g. active personalized learning, to advance the current state-of-the-art practices.