Information for Prospective Researchers

This information is addressed to prospective graduate students or postdoctoral fellows who would like to join our group. Candidates are advised to have a close look at our research and possibly read several of our papers to gain a better understanding of our research focus areas. Candidates are expected to have a basic understanding and significant interest in at least one of the relevant civil, architectural, electrical and mechanical engineering or computer and social sciences disciplines. This includes the following:

  • Civil and Architectural Engineering: Building information modelling; information and sensing technologies for construction; construction management; digitalization; intelligent automation of construction tasks; and construction safety and health.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and Computer and Social Sciences: basic programming skills in functional and/or object oriented languages, preferably in C#, C++, Visual Basic, Java, or Python; data processing; computer vision; augmented/virtual realities, robotics, human behavior and cognitive skills.

It is understood that the candidate’s actual knowledge may vary and candidates must not be familiar with all of the above fields. It is for this reason that most incoming graduate student researchers are expected to refresh and enhance their knowledge on these subjects by taking extra courses/modules and self-study in their first year within the group. Applicants should have the strong desire to enhance their knowledge. Your must be enthusiastic about your research area. A large degree of independence (with proper mentoring, of course) is expected. We support our group members with regular team meetings to discuss the progress made and solve potential problems. Candidates must overall comply with the University requirements in the application process. Funding is available on availability and/or on a case by case basis to outstanding students.