These selected videos introduce some of the recent media coverage our research has received. They highlight research we have successfully conducted in the areas of construction engineering and project management, construction safety and health, information modeling, data visualization, automation and robotics,  and heavy construction equipment.

Role of Digitalization in Occupational Health, Safety, and Well-being in Construction

BIM-IoT-Lean Construction Serious Game

SmartHat 4.0 for Lean-IoT-BIM in construction

3D-Printing in Construction Applications (in German)

German TV reports on DigiRAB research project led by König and Teizer

Framework of Dr. Jochen Teizer’s RAPIDS laboratory

Lean and injuree-free work environment in the project liefcycle

Automated safety rule checking in Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Real-time dynamic equipment blind spot and operator head orientation tracking

Photogrammetry and video analysis for excavation productivity assessment

Tower crane activty tracking and construction site progress monitoring

Remote job site progress monitoring using time-lapse cameras