March 12 European Commission awards 3D printing research project (AM2PM)
Jun 23 K. Speiser wins best paper award at CIBW099W123 conference in Porto, Portugal
Apr 20 Press article about construction robotics in Wirtschaftswoche (in German)
Nov 11 Digital Twin for green construction site and equipment operations (in Danish)
Jul 6-8 Chairman of  the 29th EG-ICE International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering
May 1 Joining the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) as Professor
Jan 1 European Union awards new research project on automation and robotics
Aug 9 Multiple Ph.D. and PostDoc Positions available (deadline Sept. 9)
Jul 6-8 Chairman of  the 29th EG-ICE International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering
May 1 Joining the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) as Professor
Jan 1 European Union awards new research project on automation and robotics
Jun 23 BBC: The Scandinavian way to zero-carbon construction
Jan 2 Danish Ministry of Energy (MUDP) awards research on reducing energy consumption in construction projects
Dec 1 Danish Research Foundation (DFF) awards research on tracking construction resources
May 01 European Union awards Interreg Europe project
Oct 28 Success of ISARC 2020 Online
May 01 European Commission awards multiple H2020 research projects on digitial twins for the construction phase
Feb 20 Aarhus University selects construction safety among top in research innovation
Feb 01 Recognition at German research competition
Jan 30 Green and digital construction
Nov 1 Joining forces at Aarhus University
Oct 1 BIM-IoT-Lean Construction Platform for Education
May 22 2019 Tucker-Hasegawa Award for Dr. Jochen Teizer
Oct 15 490 participants at ISARC 2018 (in German)
Jun 27 German newspaper: Smart solutions for safety
Mar 19 CETI-Award for SmartHat 4.0
Mar 2 IoT: The future of construction catching up
Dec 16 Successful student exchange program with Italy
Aug 15 Researchers make constrution sites safer
Aug 2 4D progress monitoring
Aug 2 3D Printing of complex formwork elements
Jul 18 German TV reports on DigiRAB research project
Jun 26 Radio interview with Dr. Teizer on DigiRAB airs
Jun 20 2018 International Hackathon and ISARC symposium
May 7 Enabling digital workforce in SMBE
Apr 1 Winning at Microsoft/Autodesk Hackathon at TUM
Jan 17 Two awards in federal research competition
Nov 7 Business and technology adoption
Nov 7 Voices on most influencing technologies
Oct 17 German VR lets workers have accidents
Oct 4 Virtual Reality: Making construction sites safer
Sep 19 Productive/safe workspace management
Sep 16 6th German-Russian Week of the Young Researcher
Sep 6 Radio Interview with Dr. Jochen Teizer on Safety
Aug 8 3D Printing of Concrete Conference at IIT Madras
Jul 7 ISARC Best Paper Award for 3D printing
Mar 3 Embracing new ways in safety performance standard
Feb 2 Award-winning safety research on BIM and safety
Jan 1 ew research on construction equipment blindspots
Sep 1 Sicherheitstechnische Planung mit BIM
Sep 1 Smarte Technologien für den Infrastrukturbau
Mar 1 Leading innovation in construction R&D
Jan 1 1. Price at the “Auf IT Gebaut” Competition
Jun 2 Safety By Design – How BIM Impacts Safe Construction
Feb 2 Wearable technologies for health and safety
Sep 21 Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) research
Sep 11 World’s Largest Bio-Medical Manufacturing Facilities
Aug 1 Best Poster Award Winners
Jun 21 BIM-Safety ROI for construction projects
May 20 Software for robotic Equipment
Apr 23 Use of BIM Could Avoid Project Failures
Apr 17 NSF Support Undergraduate Student Research
Mar 3 Keynote lecture on BIM and safety in Moscow
Mar 11 RFID and other tracking technology on jobsites
Jan 1 Participation in Global and Interdisciplinary Coursework
Nov 16 Best practices for health & safety technology transfer
Oct 11 Recognition for SURE Student
Sept 11 First Place in BIM & Safety Competition at CIB W099
Jul 25 Winning CII’s 2012 Academic Poster Award
May 23 CRC Best Poster Prize
May 7 Second Prize at AIST Conference
Apr 10 NSF Award for Graduate Research Fellowship
Jan 1 Magazine features proximity sensing technology
Oct 10 Memorial fund selects safety research
Oct 31 Report on SmartHat technology
Jul 25 CII Awards Distinguished Professor/Program Curriculum
Jun 1 Recognition for students in classroom research
May 20 Article on Dr. Teizer in Spiegel Online
Apr 20 SmartHat Technology receives FIATECH CETI Award
Oct 25 Online Article on SmartHat
Oct 21 Podcast on Harvesting Radio Waves
Sep 1 IEEE Computer Magazine Article on Energy Harvesting
Aug 23 Newspaper Article in Herald Sun on SmartHat
Aug 16 Pro-Active Safety
Jul 17 Article on RFID SmartHat in the New York Times
Jun 7 CRC Best Paper Award in Canada
Sep 14 Monitoring 14th Street Bridge Replacement
Jun 25 Search and rescue efforts in collapsed parking garage
May 25 TV and radio Interviews at RAPIDS Laboratory
Aug 25 Best poster award at CII’s 25th Anniversary Conference
May 20 Outreach activities